Friday, December 25, 2020

Gary Houtz' 1-Ring Point Motif

Gary Houtz_1-Ring Point Motif

This simple yet elegant snowflake is titled 1-Ring Point Motif and is from "Tatting the Self-closing Mock Ring for GR-8 Design" by the Shuttle Brothers Gary and Randy Houtz (the book credits this particular design to Gary). It was one of the last things I worked and planned to post before I stopped tatting and blogging, and so it languished for a few years waiting to have the ends finished off. It looks happy to finally be the lovely snowflake it was always meant to be.

I believe Gary and Randy are the ones who invented the SCMR technique; they have certainly designed many incredibly creative patterns utilizing it.  I love how the group of three little rings is repeated from the center to the arms of the snowflake - if multiple motifs are connected at the tips to make a mat, the connecting points also form the same group of little rings, a lovely repeating pattern. 

Sadly, Gary passed away in December 2020 from Covid.  He will be greatly missed. 


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