Monday, January 9, 2017

Teiko Fujito's motif 105 (star-tipped snowflake)

This snowflake is motif #105 from Tatted Fashion by Teiko Fujito.  I love the graceful lines and echoed shapes, with a small snowflake at the tip of each arm of the full snowflake (technically the original pattern had a star of five rings at each tip - I added a sixth one to change the star to a snowflake).  The pattern was illustrated as a handkerchief corner embellishment, proving that beautiful snowflakes hide in the most unusual places.  I can pin it a little tighter when starching, which straightens out the long connecting picots.
Teiko Fujito_motif 105 (star-tipped snowflake)
Book cover shown below using an amazon affiliate link. Teiko's work is meticulously executed and gloriously colorful, and I find myself flipping through the pages just to look at the lovely pictures.