Monday, May 30, 2016

Tina Frauberger's motif #52

Another motif from Tina Frauberger's book "Schiffenspitze" published in Dusseldorf in 1921.  This is a sibling to motif 53 which I posted in April; they have the same center but a different round two.  I find the shape surprisingly compelling, even with slightly askew blocking.
Tina Frauberger_motif52
 Now that it is in the public domain, Georgia Seitz has posted a PDF of Tina's book at  This is motif #52 on book page 54, and there is a lovely doily showing the same motifs combined on page 55.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Birgit Phelps' Small Star

Small Star by Birgit Phelps as a very belated Sunday snowflake.  I somehow tweaked my back and there has not been a lot of tatting over the last week or two.  Feeling better now, and fortunately this cute little snowflake tats up quickly.
Birgit Phelps_Small Star

Birgit has kindly shared the pattern here - for other patterns, see her pattern index is here, and/or her blog here.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Burda’s motif #66 (altered into a snowflake)

The original 8-pointed pattern is from the special tatting edition (#E969) of Burda magazine, where the motif is labeled “969/66”; I believe the 969 is from the edition number, making this motif #66.  It might have a name as well but I cannot read German.  When packing I took a photo of the cover and pattern, so my phone is serving as a small pattern library while I move.  ;)  I made some serious alterations from the original pattern - the original had eight points and the center was a 4-ring rosette; I changed to six points with a single center ring (stitches in counts of 3), increased the horizontal bar on the outside round by 1 stitch so that it would fit with the reduced number of points, and did the outer rings as Josephines instead of regular rings.  For someone who complains so much about Josephine knots, I certainly seem to add them to patterns a lot.

Then I made another one, with normal rings instead of Josephines.  I also added picots - apparently those picots I am constantly removing have to come out somewhere.  Central picots were a little too long, so the central star is not as nice.

Both of these really will need to be pinned out to block perfectly symmetrically; the chain lock joins on long picots tend to curve a little.

No link; can't find it online to show a picture of the cover.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Robin Perfetti's Late Winter Snowflake

Late Winter Snowflake, one of Robin Perfetti (tattingbythebay)'s many beautiful designs.  I love how the small interior rings nestle into the chains, like eggs held in a nest. 
Robin Perfetti_Late Winter Snowflake
Robin has generously shared this pattern on her free patterns page here (she also sells patterns, so check out the etsy link from her page for other designs).  I greatly admire the clarity of her diagrammed patterns and am reading her tutorial on using Inkscape to create diagrams, so with luck I might eventually be able to share some.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Judith Connor's Marguerite motif

This snowflake is a single motif from the "Marguerite" doily pattern in Judith Connor's book "Tatting Adventures with beads, shuttle and needle".  I love the look of the block tatted tips.  You can see from the book cover (below) that she uses smaller picots in the center rosette for a slightly different look, just like Myra Piper's snowflake #4 I posted in January.  Also, because I use longer decorative picots, I joined the block to the round below it.  The joins will straighten up when I starch and pin it.

When I looked the book up on Amazon I discovered it's now out of print.  Hopefully it will be reprinted soon as the used copies are quite pricey and it's a nice little book - her descriptions of different techniques are good, and while there are not a lot of patterns, there seems to be one of pretty much everything - a snowflake, a round motif, a heart (included in my Feb 14 post), a couple edgings, doilies, celtic tatting, covered egg ornament, etc.

(Reminder: books are all amazon affiliate links.)