Sunday, July 26, 2020

Ha Mi-Kyeong's Rozallin

Ha Mi-Kyeong_RozallinThis is Rozallin from "Tatting Lace with Your Life" by Ha Mi-Kyeong (ISBN 978-89-98432-45-4). I love the mirrored curves in this motif, and I think the two colors work well together.  I did have a little trouble working it - I drew my large rings a bit too tight so it was difficult to get it to lie flat, and results in things overlapping a bit more than I'd like.  Because I was also working in two colors, it was a little tricky to simultaneously reverse the direction of the chains and switch colors and leave a mock picot, and so I decided to simplify on the last round by replacing the josephene knots with simple picots.  I think the first two rounds would also make a lovely snowflake and might try it when I find my white thread. 

Book cover shown below using an amazon affiliate link, but be warned that the description on Amazon is very wrong and they don't currently offer it for sale.  I just want you to be able to see the cover.  I really enjoy this book - it's patterns for small motifs and doilies, and the work is colorful and absolutely impeccable. The text is Korean, but the patterns are diagrammed with excellent photographs including close-ups of tricky bits. Some of the patterns feature overlapping elements almost like Celtic tatting.


  1. Really beautiful. Those big rings do look tricky. Thanks for the book review, interesting that Amazon’s description is inaccurate.

  2. It is an eye-catching motif.