Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sumie Fujishige's Motif #30 (scalloped ring of hearts)

This is Motif #30 from a lovely book entirely in Japanese (see cover below), which Amazon claims is titled 'Japanese craft book "Tatting Lace Nice Items"#3440' by Sumi Fujishige.  But I think her name is Sumie, which is on the cover.  And it's possible the motif has a name in addition to the number - I can't read Japanese to tell.  (As someone who is fully literate in their own language, and can puzzle out bits of a number of others, it's an interesting experience to be so illiterate that you can't even recognize letters or other basic script units.  Three cheers for diagrammed patterns and Arabic numerals!)

I love the elegance of the ring of hearts and the scalloped edge.
Sumie Fujishige_Tatting Lace Nice Items_motif30-hearts

I did change the order of construction slightly - her pattern worked the hearts from the side in the same round as the first chain, giving them rounded tips instead of pointy ones.  Because I have opinions about the proper shape of hearts, I made the center rosette as SCMRs and threw off the hearts instead.


  1. A sweet motif! I've just received a (different) Japanese book with diagrams. As you say, hooray for diagrams!

  2. Definitely hooray for diagrams and Arabic numerals. Your hearts medallion is very pretty.

  3. Lovely pattern and gorgoues motif

  4. Very clever to do 'thrown off' hearts from the SCMR rings. I can see how the hearts would then be the right shape! The designer might be surprised at this improvement. I do like those scalloped chains! Haven't seen those before!

    It is absolutely fascinating how all the different languages have evolved. I'm grateful for the 'Translate' button on the computer, although that doesn't always clear things up! Of course, there are no Translate buttons on a printed page!