Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jennifer Williams' snowflake Karen

I'm still working through Jennifer Williams' new book "Tatted Snowflakes", modifying the patterns which use beads and sequins and similar additions to be straight tatting.  This is a modified version of "Karen" in which I replaced the sequins with Josephine knots and flattened two layers into one.  (If you recall me expressing some frustration about Josephine knots two posts ago, this is the other snowflake I was working on at the time - it has 48 of them!  Making the knots larger helps them close with fewer problems.)

I think it came out quite nicely, though my blocking could be improved.
Jennifer Williams_Tatted Snowflakes_Karen

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  1. Lovely snowflake, your JK's look really good, well done
    There are some lovely designs in the book and I have tried a few of them,

  2. It looks fabulous!!! :)
    Your tatted snowflakes look so wonderful!!! :)