Sunday, May 15, 2016

Burda’s motif #66 (altered into a snowflake)

The original 8-pointed pattern is from the special tatting edition (#E969) of Burda magazine, where the motif is labeled “969/66”; I believe the 969 is from the edition number, making this motif #66.  It might have a name as well but I cannot read German.  When packing I took a photo of the cover and pattern, so my phone is serving as a small pattern library while I move.  ;)  I made some serious alterations from the original pattern - the original had eight points and the center was a 4-ring rosette; I changed to six points with a single center ring (stitches in counts of 3), increased the horizontal bar on the outside round by 1 stitch so that it would fit with the reduced number of points, and did the outer rings as Josephines instead of regular rings.  For someone who complains so much about Josephine knots, I certainly seem to add them to patterns a lot.

Then I made another one, with normal rings instead of Josephines.  I also added picots - apparently those picots I am constantly removing have to come out somewhere.  Central picots were a little too long, so the central star is not as nice.

Both of these really will need to be pinned out to block perfectly symmetrically; the chain lock joins on long picots tend to curve a little.

No link; can't find it online to show a picture of the cover.


  1. It works well as a hexagon rather than an octagon.

  2. Love the Josephine rings. The picots give a very different look, but both are lovely snowflakes.

  3. They are both great and I love the first one!!! :)