Sunday, May 1, 2016

Judith Connor's Marguerite motif

This snowflake is a single motif from the "Marguerite" doily pattern in Judith Connor's book "Tatting Adventures with beads, shuttle and needle".  I love the look of the block tatted tips.  You can see from the book cover (below) that she uses smaller picots in the center rosette for a slightly different look, just like Myra Piper's snowflake #4 I posted in January.  Also, because I use longer decorative picots, I joined the block to the round below it.  The joins will straighten up when I starch and pin it.

When I looked the book up on Amazon I discovered it's now out of print.  Hopefully it will be reprinted soon as the used copies are quite pricey and it's a nice little book - her descriptions of different techniques are good, and while there are not a lot of patterns, there seems to be one of pretty much everything - a snowflake, a round motif, a heart (included in my Feb 14 post), a couple edgings, doilies, celtic tatting, covered egg ornament, etc.

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  1. Beautiful! Good idea to tat a single motif as a snowflake.

    1. This works for a lot of doilies - I often make a single interior motif as a stand-alone. The converse is also true; nearly any hexagon, equal triangle, or square can be joined together, often with fascinating effects.

  2. Looking very nice, well done it will be a snowflake