Sunday, October 30, 2016

Joelle Paulson's Le Flocon Frivole (both versions)

Joelle Paulson (frivole) has generously shared two variations of this lovely snowflake on her blog.

The first version is worked in two rounds, and you can climb between using split rings IF you start with a blind chain.  If you forget you are starting with a blind chain, you either end up with the center as a cute little motif or two sets of ends to hide...oops.  I love the angled arches formed over the inner rings, and the unusual tip shape.  As is my habit, I did remove some picots from the tips.
Joelle Paulson_Le Flocon Frivole
The second version is worked in one round.  I find it interesting that to me these look like completely different snowflakes, because I focus a lot on the center, whereas Joelle considers them two variations because the outer layer is the same.
Joelle Paulson_Le Flocon Frivole single pass version
Both patterns, as well as many other excellent free and for-sale patterns, can be found on her pattern page here.


  1. Both are beautifully tatted and beautiful designs.

  2. Oooh, I've been making the top one for years but never saw the other, I love it too! Thanks, yours look great!