Sunday, October 23, 2016

Miranda Rensberger's Starflower

Shared by Miranda Rensberger (aka tatting fool) on her blog, I find the center of this snowflake quite captivating, with a graceful symmetry that really does resemble a flower.  It's worked in three rounds, the center round being the six split rings in the center.  I tried working it in two rounds (combining the first and second rounds by converting the first round into regular rings) and it does make a difference - working it as written using split rings results in more even joins between the inner chains and center rings.

The pattern PDF shows one which was blocked firmly using pins, and the graceful curves become striking angles; both variations look lovely.
Miranda Rensberger_Starflower
Find this and other patterns (some free, some for sale) on her pattern page.


  1. Another wonderful snowflake!!! :)

  2. So simple in design, but just lovely! Thanks for the link. I'm interested in trying several of her designs, The Twist being the one I'd like to try first.