Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rebecca Diamond's snowflake Remembrance

I was playing a little with the pattern for "Remembrance" by Rebecca Diamond (aka TatMom), though I omitted the beads.  To me it looks incredibly lifelike - like an actual snowflake.
Rebecca Diamond_Remembrance

I did think that a real snowflake wouldn't have arms longer than the tips so tried adding a ring - and also changed the little ring stitch count to 5 so I didn't have to remember to switch between 5 and 4.  I think this would be an amazing center for a doily.
Rebecca Diamond_Remembrance variation

Not quite long enough, so tried adding a ring plus the same "mock ring" made from a chain joined to the  picot on both ends.  The longer tip is better, but I lost the lovely triangle by joining to the top picot; maybe I should have used a SCMR instead.  Next time...
Rebecca Diamond_Remembrance variation

They all look nice.
Rebecca Diamond_Remembrance and variations

Rebecca has generously shared her pattern here.


  1. They are all so "crystal" like!!! :)
    Fabulous snowflakes!!!! :)

  2. They do all look lovely. I agree it looks more like a real snowflake, too. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful snowflakes, they do look so real

  4. Love your experiments !!! Difficult to pick a favourite :-)